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Below are the financial details for the Master of Practical Ministry program offered through Adonai School of Practical Ministry. The discounts below are for students paying for their program early. Students may pay on a per learning session by learning session (course by course) basis or by monthly payments. They must enroll in a minimum of one course or a maximum of two courses in each learning session. Students may also make a down payment and pay their tuition on a monthly payment plan.  SCHOLARSHIP FOR INTERNATIONAL STUDENTS (Developing countries in the third-world): 50 percent scholarship on tuition and fees.

42 graduate credits above the B.Min.
Prerequisite: B.P.M., B.Min., B.C.S., B.Th. or equivalent
Enrollment Fee: $75.00
Tuition: 80.00 per credits, $240 per course

Master's Project or Thesis Reading & Examination Fee: $125.00

Total Program Cost (Excluding the above project/thesis reading & examination fee)

42 x 80 = $3,360.00 

Applicable Discounts for early payment:

Payment in Full at Enrollment: $2,688.00 (20% discount)
Payment in Two Installments: $2,856.00 (2 x $1,428.00) (15% discount) 1st installment at enrollment and 2nd installment 30 days after.
Payment in Three Installments: $3,024.00 (3 x $1,008.00) (10% discount) 1st installment at enrollment, 2nd & 3rd installments, 30 & 60 days after.

Payment in Four Installments: $3,192.00 (4 x $798.00) (5% discount) 1st installment at enrollment, 2nd, 3rd, & 4th installments, 30, 60 & 90 days after.